Galvanizing Sales. Together.

Helping Enterprises improve their B2B Sales Performance is our Business.


1. What if the intended results of your services are not achieved? Do you link your fee with results ?

Ans - There is a low probability that we miss on our mission of improving the ‘sales performance’ or have surprises. This is because –

  • we base our recommendations on root causes, not symptoms of under-performance
  • we insist on having an internal anchor-person nominated for the project, by the company leadership
  • we review / take feedback against some milestones / timeframes
  • we make realistic promises, as per the unique client situation.

Despite the above best practices, all the desired results cannot be guaranteed because we do not run the daily ‘sales operations’. 

From our experience, we get some early signals on the likely case of results and we share our assessment.  We never delay / hide bad news, if that is so. If the client assesses it to be a case of our lack of expertise / effort, the client has every right to pre-maturely discontinue our services. Beyond understanding the client perspective and clarifying on any assessment, we do not contest that decision and respectfully accept the verdict, regardless of our view. Similarly, if we feel that the agreed implementation of the recommendations is not happening in right earnest, despite drawing attention to the situation, as the last resort, we submit a request for a pre-mature closure to the assignment.

Any assignment closing pre-maturely  -

(a) is a matter of deep regret for us
(b) has an obvious ‘opportunity cost’  
(c) is a case of missed referrals and testimonial

In this way, our clients’ achieving the intended results is atleast as important for us.

We work with a conviction that good facilitation never fails and it actually never fails.  

2.What is the fee for 'sales performance consulting' ?

Ans - Fee cannot be pre-determined. It is a function of the as-is state, desired state and the work involved.

3.What do you cover in ' sales performance consulting ' ?
Ans - We approach the situation of ‘under performance’ with a zero-base, objective  mind.  The  assessment is based on the root cause(s).  As per the study, we share our findings . In the context of the Business Objectives and Sales Goals, we make recommendations for appropriate changes - in the sales organization, structure, processes, culture and skill up-gradations. As per mutual agreement, we facilitate implementation of the suggested changes, measure and monitor the impact, tweak the implementation as per the actual interim results and follow through for a re-energized / re-configured sales machine, which is settled and largely requires only routine sales management.
4. What is hi-value / complex sales, when you say that as your relative focus ?
Ans - For the purposes of approach clarity, a sale where the unit value / project value is at least  Rs.20 lacs is being considered as hi-value. Similarly, a sale where the average active sales cycle is atleast 2 months involving multi-steps of evaluation by the buyer and the final approving authority is the head of the company is considered as complex sales.
5. What is the rationale for differentiating sales by value / complexity ?

Ans - Selling is a behavioral sport and the value / complexity of the sale are essential determinants of the required sales behavior and sales management best practices. In the interest of specialization, we are focused on this self-defined hi-value/ complex sales.           

By the same logic, we normally do not take up assignments where unit value is beyond 3 Cr  / 2 years average active sales cycle. 

We believe focus means – doing very few things, very well . It is a win-win situation for both our clients and us.

6. What is the real focus for Skife - sales consulting or sales training or sales coaching ?

Ans - The three are tools for sales performance improvement and are deployed in a mix, as per unique client situation.  Imagine a sales training effort without a re-enforcement mechanism, which has to be contextual ( consulting ). Similarly, how can the potential performance improvement ( consulting ) be realized without plugging some of the skill gaps ( training / coaching ).  

We do offer some standalone open programs and seminars on subjects of interest to our B2B prospects. The dates are published and invites sent well in advance.

7. How is Skife different from many other sales consulting / training companies, who claim to make a big difference but actually it is nothing much ?

Ans - We do not make any pre-mature claims, big or small, towards sales performance improvement. The approach is simply to

- assess(A)
– report(R)
– recommend (R)
– agree (A)
- facilitate implementation (FI)
 ...... and repeat the 5 step ARRAFI cycle, in the unique client context.

Within 2/4 cycles, we hit the targeted improvements. It boils down to introducing and managing changes and we becoming the agents for the same.

Our limited focus is ‘selling’ and ‘sales management’. Beyond sales-marketing alignment issues, which are a definite point of review, we do not focus extensively on the marketing function.  

8. Do you service requirements for 'sales trainings' where the product or service is low-value / less-complex ?
Ans - Yes and No.  The reason is that ‘value’ and ‘complexity’  define the sales paradigm and we are focused  on high value / complex sales only.

However, subjects like ‘Account Management’ , ‘Presentation Skills’ etc. are common denominators and we are very happy to service such requirements.