Galvanizing Sales. Together.

Helping Enterprises improve their B2B Sales Performance is our Business.


  As per the requirement, the intervention could be some mix of

Sales Consulting

Review and advice on sales goals, sales processes, structure, culture, conventions, .... and more.

Sales Training

Best practices sharing and practice work w.r.t. sales management, sales attitude, sales process, client engagements, prospecting skills, account management skills, negotiation skills, proposal writing, .... and more.

Sales Coaching

Intensive one-to-one observation and inputs.

 We achieve our mission of improving the Sales Performance of our clients which normally results in some unique mix of

  • Change in Perspective Selling / Sales Management
  • Change in Selling Behavior
  • Change in Policies
  • Change in Processes
  • Change in Organization Structure.
  • Change in Sales Goals

 Relatively, the specialization is for

  • Direct Enterprise Selling ( not channel )
  • High-value products / services
  • Consultative Selling

  The interventions happen at the level of

  • Sales Organization
  • Sales Teams
  • Individual Sales Professionals / Sales Managers


Situation 1 - Some businesses have some good idea of the budding problem areas (say, very little consistency in sales process) impacting their sales performance. But they prefer an impartial and unbiased validation and an expert to resolve.

As an external agency, we provide the required objectivity and focus.

Situation 2 - Some businesses have lived their problems for a long time and did not quite succeed with their attempts to resolve the issues. Now the situation is a bit complicated (say, lack of a consistent sales process combined with ineffective sales attitude and ).

We understand the issues objectively and share our assessment and recommendation and then facilitate a resolution with the required firmness.

Situation 3 Some businesses have an articulated requirement of a particular service (say, training sales team on account management) in the context of their self-assessment. Just seeking some professional assistance.

We simply provide the desired service.