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Mr. Gopal Bhutani served us for six months as external business consultant. The engagement helped us gain focus on the Enterprise Market and develop Alliance Partnerships across India.

Based on our experience, we recommend Gopal, especially for professional or consulting engagements with a focus on development of Strategy, business process analysis, marketing research and development of strategic alliances.

Mr. Venkat ‘Puru’ Purushotham
Jyoshan Global Services LLC, US / Mumbai

Innovlite engaged Skife Business Services for four months to assist our team with Key Account Management – Strategy and Sales.

Their intervention was very helpful. They also helped us with some sales hiring.

Mr. Sunit Saraswat
CEO - Innovlite ( India ), Bangalore

We hired Skife Business Services for making our Sales / Marketing process more effective. Skife served us for six months and now we are feeling more confident about our approach to Sales / Marketing and as a result, team performance is better than before.

As per our experience, we happily recommend Skife for their competence and enthusiasm to contribute.

After 2 years of practicing the approach / inputs, public recommendation on Linkedin –

1st time I experienced a consultant who works deep enough so that changes happens at grass root level. Gopal has been excellent training our all India Sales Team and we are very much satisfied with his approach, professionalism and dedication. I highly recommend him for his services.

Mr. Prashant Lohia
Managing Director
Ginni Systems Limited, New Delhi

Skife Business Services trained 30 of our customers in developing a Strategic Marketing Plan for their business.

We are very satisfied with the outcome of the training and would surely avail their consulting and training services again.

Mr. Appadurai A
Country Business Manager
Indigo and Inkjet Business Solutions
Hewlett Packard India, Gurgaon